Thursday, October 7, 2010

STAR WARS : Sebulba Pod Racer

It is said that in all of Mos Espa, there is no better pod racer than Sebulba. A member of the Dug species, Sebulba is feared by his competition for his aggressive racing tactics and nerves of plastisteel. Sebulba’s success id due much to the fact that he will do whatever necessary to win, even if it means resorting to dirty tricks. His high performance pod racer is packed with certain illegal modifications used to eliminate fellow racers. On Boonta Eve race day however, a young competitor named Anakin Skywalker will give the infamous Sebulba a run for his money,


  1. alamak!!! skru masuk dlm pod racer anakin..hahaa.. nice haul ;)

  2. Now little Ani will never be alone,
    now that Sebulba's here to get his @$$ whopped!

  3. awesomeness!!! Looks like the batman wants to give them pod racers a little test, a pod racer in change of bat-pod in Batman 3 maybe??? Hahahahaha :D

  4. Hi Cowboy,

    This space race vehicle projecting all the superb , spectacular & marvelous detail work.
    Just look carefully all around the body paint work such as the texture , rusty area , metal finishes & etc.Just amazing.

    i really envy your collection & want to hold it in my hand.