Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hot Toys : T600 (Weathered Rubber Skin version)

From my personal opinion, this version is better than the original ver.
I like the accessories,weapon,camo & the base..worth it for RM 50 extra compare to ori ver.
can't hardly wait for the JC 2 especially the snake robot!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

STAR WARS : Y-Wing Fighter

This is the last haul for this Ramadhan month.
Luckily i get this haul from one of the collector from Subang Jaya. Still MISB.
My Star Wars air vehicles nearly completed, but yet more to hunt...

STAR WARS : Y-Wing Fighter

Y-Wings are durable, reliable star fighters that excel in close-quarters combat. During the Battle of Yavin, Y-Wings squadrons were influential in helping to defeat the Death Star threat.Designated attack fighters, Y-Wings went one-on-one with Imperial fighters as the Rebel attempted to reach the battle station's vulnerable exhaust port. Jon "Dutch" Vander was Gold Leader of the Y-Wing Gold Squadron during the Battle of Yavin, fighting bravely agaist the powerful Imperial forces.

My dinning of Star Wars

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

John Cornor (Final Battle Version)..Superb !!

HT dah makin mengganas buat business..what to says, that their marketing strategy...
Hope this JC will release around April next year..may the force be with me...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mc Farlane : Robocop

" member's arrived, make a space for me plz"...said Mr Robocop

Semalam, me & my Toya (toy addicted) buddies, dok sembang pasal hero kitaorang zaman kami kecik2 dulu...Mr Saruman said that he want to find Robocop figure..b'cos that 's the first movie he watch in video tape (back in 80's). Suddenly, hari ni aku ronda-ronda kat Amcorp Mall terjumpa la plak Mc Farlane Robocop BD ni. Terus aku rembat 3 nos..(for me, Mr Saruman & Mr Luke) So, Mr Saruman, ur wish is my command, hope this Robocop will make u happy :)
u own me twice this month...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hasbro Star Wars Legacy Collection X-Wing Starfighter with Wedge Antilles

2 thumbs up !!!

Mr Saruman with his X-Wing @ ROTF Skid & Makella

Setelah sekian lama mencari Star Wars : X Wing, akhirnya spesis vehicle yang menjadi icon kepada filem Star Wars ni telah di` release' kan semula oleh Hasbro. Hanya 150 unit dikeluarkan satu Malaysia untuk batch ni. Nasib baik aku tak order dlm Ebay. For the Star Wars collector, this is must buy item selain daripada Millinium Falcon.
thank's Mr. James [ Toy Workers]