Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Greeting From Kingdom Of Cambodia.

I just came back from Cambodia yesterday after a bachelor trip with my buddies (Lood & Anuar). We r lucky b'coz one of our fren ( Shukor a.k.a Shoq) stayed there @ Phnom Penh, Shoq as supervision architect for a new Malaysian Embassy. So we got a very marvelous travel guide a long we'r @ Cambodia. We landed at Phnom Penh (14 Oct) and travel up to Siam Reap on 15 Oct till 17 Oct & stayed @ Phnom Penh till 19 Oct.. a great journey & so enjoyable.
million thank's to Shoq.

it's me... :) @ Angkor Watt.
Shoq, Lood, Me & Anuar

@ Angkor Golf Resort (Siam Reap) : Anuar & Shoq had their golf tournament there.

will update my journey to ancient Cambodia later.....


  1. Pergh!! Bestnye.
    1st pic cun.
    Kalo gi ramai2 memang best.
    Upload more!!

    Er, bachelor trip?
    Xpe, skali-skala nk rasa mcm org bujang.

  2. Hi Cowboy,

    You guys travell by car or fly ?

    But surely the "Angkor Watt" is the famous monument & is a must visit place in Combodia.

    Nice photo.


  3. Hi Kin...
    we fly to Phnom Penh by Air Asia & travel by 4WD to Siam Reap (it's took 7 hour challenging drive)

  4. do they have the angkor watt in 1/144 scale????? :D

  5. How'd you like it? Angkor is pretty amazing, eh? Did you go to any other places in Siem Reap or Phenom Penh?

  6. Onigajian : Yes,i like it so much; for 3rd world country, Cambodia is so amazing. At Phnom Penh we went to Tuol Sleng (Genocide Musuem), Russian Market (the best place to shop an original branded item with the unbelievable price tag), Central Market...At Siam Reap we went to Angkor Watt and other craft market & massage center, heheheh... Definitely will be back there again.

  7. Saruman : off cozz..! a lot of temple scale model sell.

  8. nak gi lain kali ajak sekali!!!

    errr.... projek shook EOT ker?

  9. wah, seronok nampak...
    aku pun ngah plan nak gi trip pas habis degree.
    tak sabor. hohoho

  10. Atai : EOT No.2, but on the 14 Oct lalu dh CPC.
    Asrul : Abiskan degree dulu, pas tu pi jln puas2:)

  11. Salam Tuan
    Tempat yang best untuk kita merenung kemampuan manusia & kemampuan Allah.
    Best memang best!