Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Parcel From The Future !!

Received this 1:18-Die Cast [SunStar Back] To The Future vehicle (Part 2 & 3) yesterday from bttf .com
B'coz of delayed shipment, they also reward me a free gift, Hot Wheels BTTF (US Carded).

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recently Batman Haul's

My Batman haul's since 1 month ago, got it with a very good bargain.!!

HT Batman Mini Cosbaby (set of 8) Got it from my toy buddy today :
MISB item for only RM 150....dammm cute !!!

HW Batman Stater Set get it from Tesco last two weeks...
lucky to get it for a retail price Rm 44.90 !!

Batmobile Cutie !!! Bought this today @ Amcorp Flea Market, (Rm 50) it's a good combination with my HT Batman Mini Cosbaby

Transforming Batcycle : Only RM 20 from Mattel Warehouse Sale !!!

HW Batpod : Got this from Mattel Warehouse Sale 3 weeks ago, look at the crazy price !!
Only RM 10, last time it's so hard to get this haul !!

Also from Mattel Warehouse Sale..only Rm 15 !!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

PREVIEW : Hot Toys Iron Man VI

After more than 2 month waiting for this # 6 : Man of Steel, finally he arrived today!!!

a very famous recycle green beg....

to be continue...