Monday, October 25, 2010

Greeting From Kingdom Of Cambodia : Part II

Just to shared a few places that i visited during my trip to Phnom Penh & Siam Reap, Cambodia on the 14 - 19 Oct 2010. For the 3rd country, personally i think Cambodia is nice & amazing country to visit and also a bajet destination.

Phnom Penh from the air.

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

On the first day, we visited the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, this is one of the famous torturing base in Pol Pot regime back in 1975-79. U can read more here.
The entrance fee just USD 2, but frankly, i'm quite scary when visited here.

one of the original bed used to tortured the prisoner's.

The Russian Market, Phom Penh or Toul Toum Poung Market,

A lot of silk, hand made craft/original/branded t-shirt/painting etc..a must visit place if u r
in Phnom Penh

Central Market, Phnom Penh.
If u like to buy jewel/diamond & gems stone, this is the right place.

Ancient Angkor

To visit Angkor Watt & surrounding temple, u have to get the pass, USD 20 for 1 day visit or USD 70 for 4 days. We just took 1 day pass, b'coz i just visited the famous temple such as Angkor Watt, Bayon temple & Angkor Thom.

say..cheeseeeee...... !!!
Angkor Watt entrance

Bayon Temple entrance - One of the many faced temples in Angkor Wat,
depicting the Hindu God Vishnu

among the temple, i like this one most b'coz of the temple blend & mix up with the nature (stone & trees and the place was so cool & calm.The temples were obscured by dense jungles until rediscovered by Europeans in the 19th Century.

Meet up with Japanese hot chick :)
pity this children's, they sell accessories like fridge magnet, hand made-craft, books etc..they will bagging u for to buy their items. I bought a book (story about Angkor for only USD 5)

Pub Street, Siam Reap, a lot of foreigner's hang around here.
Phokeethra Country Club

u can easily find this famous fried criket around Cambodia street...yummyyyy!!!

the best halal food @ Cafe Malaya in Phnom Penh, the owner is a Malaysian, Uncle Suhaimi.

In Cambodia, they like to drink far this the best ice coffee i ever had and also a unique way to prepared it.

u cant easily found a lot of Hummer & other luxury SUV/4 WD (eg. Lexus 470/570/ Range Rover Sport) in Cambodia.

a must ride vehicle in Cambodia...

Crocodile shop in Siam Reap.
The biggest toy shop line in Cambodia is Monument Toys, but not so much toys u can find here, just normal kid toys from Mattel . Hasbro & Fisher Price etc.


  1. nice trip mate!
    anyway please pick it out my old blog from your list and replace with another my new blog ya uhuh


    p.s : i've found a few toy shops along albert road!

  2. waaa... jealousnyer dapat amik gambar ngan amoi jepun.... huhuhu

    asey ... toy shop ada nissan tak? ahaksss.....

  3. Asey : Noted & plz update me regarding the toy shop @ Albert Road.

    Atai : Amoi Japan all like Nissan Cube.

  4. Hi Cowboy,

    Good picture & story.I will go also whenever i got chance.

    Thanks for showing & sharing.


  5. owh, ini rupernya muke ko yang sebenarnye. hohoho. it was a nice trip i see, bestkan cuti2 ni? ;-)p

  6. tambah gambar part 3 plakkk....

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