Sunday, October 31, 2010

End Of October Haul's

A visit to Amcorp this week brought me home along with this haul's. This week got toyfair event that organized by 1 Toys (one of the toy shop @ aMCORP Mall)
The toyfair really melted my wallet b'coz of the craziest price tag especially items from Hasbro line. It's a good event and hopefully there will be more toyfair like this in the future.

STAR WARS : ARC-170 Fighter & Y Wing Bomber

my cheapest 1/6 figure...RM 20 each...why not !
(Indiana Jones : Raiders Of The Lost Ark by HASBRO)

TOMY TAKARA : Nissan GT-R & Nissan Fairlady Z Racing Type
(this is from TR'U Ikano Power Centre)


  1. wow!! nice tomy hauls..GTR n Fairlady bebbb

  2. Bro, how much was the Y-Wing bomber and the ARC? Aku tak sempat pegi daa....melepas.... =p

  3. Salam bro
    Smalam adik aku Hajime tanya nak tak ARC & Y-Wing = RM150 je?
    Aku geleng kepala sbb:
    1-Mengenang kegilaan dorang letak harga!
    2-Aku tak minat kedua-duanya sbb kurang sentimental value.

    Aku tak dpt join dorang sbb anak aku tak sihat. Tahniah bro. satu pembelian terbaek!

  4. Birudamai/ Rebel : Yup, RM 150 only for both Arc Y-Wing. Memang 1 Toys buat giler jual murah giler.
    Snowspeeder (kotak Kenner) RM 90 jaa..

  5. Allahuakbar!!
    RM90 je Snowspeeder tu??!!
    Takde rezeki aku....

  6. alamakk.... jealousnyer tengok 350Z GT!!