Sunday, November 29, 2009

Star Wars : Princess Lia on Speeder Bike

A haul from Amcorp flea market this week : very rare & cheap B.I.B lucky!!

Soaring at amazing speeds on reconnaissance and petrol duties, the Imperial speeder bike is a slim, single person repulsorlif conveyance. The lightweight bike can attain speeds in excess of 500 km/h. A quartet of small directional steering vanes on twin outriggings give the speeder its maneuverability. Imperial biker scout use two shoulder-level handgrips to control elevation and direction; two rockers-pivoted pedals control acceleration. Located just fore the speeder’s saddle is a panel of toggle switchers and knobs that control communications and other vital systems. Slung beneath the speeder’s frame is a single laser cannon. Princess Lia raced a stolen Imperial speeder bike through the forests of Endor with Imperial biker scouts in close pursuit of the Rebel leader - Star Wars Episode 6 : Return of the Jedi

Star Wars : Darth Vader's Advanced x1 Starfighter.

Developed specifically to Darth Vader's specifications, this highly advanced starfighter a reinforced spaceframe designed to stand up under the most strenuous battle conditions, as well as redesigned wings and a longer engine - all done to improve the craft's performance and make it more formidable and unstoppable combat, vehicle.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Obi-Wan Kenobi Force FX Light Saber

Not like previous year, this year for my birthday gift, i got a Star Wars light saber & X-Wing T-Shirt from my beloved wife. Luckily it not a perfume again for this year heehheeheh...

My young padawan also like this birthday haul's

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TAKARA : Buster Optimus Prime.

Bought this haul last weekend. Like the colour & the accessories, almost similar in the movie.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

HOT WHEELS - The Dark Night Batmobile ( 1:50 )

.Since its first appearance in the 1940s’ the “futuristic” gadgets and unique styling of the Batmobile appealed to car lovers everywhere. This new Hot Wheels line pay homage to the history of the Batmobile with 5 different 1 : 50 scale vehicles, using models specific to the Batman movies, comic book, animated series, and television show.

First introduced in Batman Begin, this version of the Batmobile continue to conquer evil in its latest film, The Dark Knight. Peeking out from under a tarp at Wayne Enterprise’s Applied Sciences Division, Bruce Wayne discovers a scrapped military vehicle called the “Tumbler” that would eventually become the Batmobile for The Dark Night.

STAR WARS : Republic Gunship

After a week without a haul, so this Star Wars vehicle full-fill this month haul's.

Anakin and a clone trooper squadron storm the B'omarr monastery in which Jabba the Hutt's son is being held captive. A Republic gunship deploys clone troopers who begin agrueling fight against battle droids guarding the monastery. The Republic gunship blasts the droids with cannons and missle launchers from the air, as the Anakin and clone troopers attack from the ground below.
to be continue....