Sunday, December 6, 2009

Star Wars : Sith Infiltrator

A haul from this week flea market : Tq Bro Boyarque & Bro Mental

Don't under estimate this tiny stall , u name it, u got it - Bro Mental & Boyarque stall
(Amcorp Mall flea market)

The Sith Infiltrator streaks silently and invisibly through space to its destination.Hidden beneath the side panels and mounted on the wings are launchers that fire probe droids or missiles, depending on whether the craft's pilot is on a mission to seek or destroy his intended quarry. The wings flare open, greatly increasing the craft's speed and attack maneuverability. Darth Maul flies a Sith Infiltrator to the planet Tatooine during his quest to find Queen Amidala


  1. wow! this thing is super cool!

  2. Nice haul!!!! Btw, boyarque dgn mental's stall mmg the best....both in terms of SW selection and price....thumbs up kerana menyokong pergerakan kg pisang anda! hehehehe.....

  3. ohh.. aku sungguh terharu, haha. thanks pasai tolong promote bro.. thanks to bro rebel too. :D

    sith infiltrator tu memang best. so far tak reissue lagi. dulu tak masuk sini tu. btw, kalu hang nak the best darth maul pilot to fit this, use the one that came with sith speeder (episode 1). yang tu memang bleh fit elok. selamat mencuba. :)

  4. Bro, is the flea market in KL? A lot of toys available there.

  5. Darthmental & Rebel : 2 thumbs up !!

    dESMOND : The flea market is in Petaling Jaya KL(not far from Mid Valley Mall) open only on Sat & Sun (but Sunday is the best)& it is a mix flea market, not just a toys & not so big compare to China Square in S'pore.

  6. paisey...xlngkap koleksi DM aku tanpa ini,apakan daya,pasrah aje la

  7. Hey..
    the amcorp mall flea market that sold star wars is at which level?...Wad time they open?

  8. Salam bro Cowboy
    Aku pun ada ni tp sbnarnya aku amat kecewa dengan scale nya...