Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Toy For 2009 : Hot Toys : The Matrix Sentinel.

At first stage i don't rely like this HT Sentinel, but after thinking that HT might produce The APU, i change my mind. But after all - this haul is not so bad at all, superb articulation & worth the price tag.

Product Info:
- Complete collectible measures more than 15 inches in length, with tentacles stretched straight.
- 15 tentacles in total – each fully bendable and articulated.
- each tentacle has articulated attachments at the end ( 2 points of articulation per tentacle)
- 10 fully articulated limbs under main body of Sentinel ( 3 points of articulation per limb)
- height adjustable collectible figure stand


  1. Finally your last toy for 2009. Happy new year bro!!

  2. Racuuuun!!
    Go well with my matrix blu-ray.

    2010 resolution, maybe.....?

  3. good catch at the end of the year! happy new year!

  4. mmg sgt sesuai kalu ada full set matrix blu-ray..

  5. Nice haul bro! How much was it? Surely tak semahal a 'full' HT figure kan?