Thursday, November 5, 2009

STAR WARS : Republic Gunship

After a week without a haul, so this Star Wars vehicle full-fill this month haul's.

Anakin and a clone trooper squadron storm the B'omarr monastery in which Jabba the Hutt's son is being held captive. A Republic gunship deploys clone troopers who begin agrueling fight against battle droids guarding the monastery. The Republic gunship blasts the droids with cannons and missle launchers from the air, as the Anakin and clone troopers attack from the ground below.
to be continue....


  1. Mula-mula kumpul air vehicles, pas tu land.
    Pas ni plak kene cari Clone Troopers nak isi dlm vehicles tu plak.

  2. Clone Troopers dah menunggu kat umah tu..ready for ride on Gunship !!

  3. It looks much better with clone troopers standing in the vehicle..

  4. yup..already got the troopers..will proceed with dioarama asap.