Thursday, November 5, 2009

HOT WHEELS - The Dark Night Batmobile ( 1:50 )

.Since its first appearance in the 1940s’ the “futuristic” gadgets and unique styling of the Batmobile appealed to car lovers everywhere. This new Hot Wheels line pay homage to the history of the Batmobile with 5 different 1 : 50 scale vehicles, using models specific to the Batman movies, comic book, animated series, and television show.

First introduced in Batman Begin, this version of the Batmobile continue to conquer evil in its latest film, The Dark Knight. Peeking out from under a tarp at Wayne Enterprise’s Applied Sciences Division, Bruce Wayne discovers a scrapped military vehicle called the “Tumbler” that would eventually become the Batmobile for The Dark Night.


  1. cun ar...
    neway mane nak dapatkan bekas kete tu ar?

  2. bekas tu aku amik yg Ferrari Shell Helix punye..
    tapi utk HT BatMobile & Bat Pod, aku dh tempah casing kt kedai glass