Sunday, February 5, 2012

Early 2012 : Recently Star Wars Haul's

I'm quite damn busy recently, here's my collection little bit update :
Star Wars force is still stronger , i start year 2012 with a few SW haul's...put a side Hot Toys for a moment... yet a lot of PO'ed Hot Toys item will coming in-line one by one :(

Luke Skywalker & Taun-Taun 1/6 : Bought it from a local SW on-line seller.

Han Solo & Taun-Taun 1/6 : Also bought it from a local SW on-line seller.

Bantha & Tusken Raider : Bought it from US e-Bay seller.

Ultimate FX Lightsaber for my son. (Tr'U)

Star Wars Year by Year : a great SW behind the scene story, 100% recommended to SW fan.

Star Wars 365 Days : a give from my SW buddy, credit to Rean La Bella's

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  1. I like the two books you bought..must be expensive!!