Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Birthday My Son

On the last 28th Nov 2011, was my son; Wan Raees Shah 6th birthday, due to my busy work recently, we just celebrate @ home with a simple birthday cake and just three of us (me,my wife & Raees). The pic below can describe what his reaction to his birthday gift that he wanted since the last three years.

Look at the his big & happy smile..:)
Raees : @ age 3 month : time running very fast, i'm getting old very fast too :)


  1. Hi Cowboy ,

    Long time & hope you & your family in excellent condition.

    "Happy birthday" to you , Wan.

    Cherish every moment with him because when they grow older ( start about 16 and aboved he would hang out with his friends , mybe girl friend or went to college ) , they will spend lesser time with you.
    Very simple just review ourselves then you have a clearer picture.Got it ?Ha...Ha...

    That why i'm doing right with my 5 years old son & the 1 year old twins of boy.

    All the best & best wishes for the new year.

    Cheers :)

    Kin & family.

  2. Hi Kin,
    Gud advised, really appreciate it.