Monday, July 11, 2011

PREVIEW : Ultimate Optimus Prime

Not really plan to grab this Ultimate Optimus Prime, i'm waiting for Optimus Prime Jetwing version, but suddenly there was a price war between toy shop @ Amcorp Mall yesterday, it's only RM 300 (+-USD 100) compared to RM 370++ retail price. Heard people's said, no need to collect this OP b'coz it didn't appeared in the DOTM movie, but they might change their mind after look at this OP in front of them, absolutely awesome!!! Technically i really admired how they managed to solved & combined the trailer and the OP figure, that's the main reason why i bought this OP version.

This is Ultimate Optimus Prime for San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) packaging :
really nice & compact. Will try to get one this type of packaging.

to be continue....(no time to play yet :)


  1. Awesome grab.
    Still like 'em in trailer mode though, and hopefully the SDCC would enter here.

  2. await x buka!!! :D

  3. I got this one last week too. Though this version is not appeared in the movie, the figure is big and looks really cool :)

  4. Desmond : Yes, a must collectible item.

    K'own : Buka & simpan balik dlm kotak, besar sgt, makan space lol..tunggu lps pindah umah.

  5. i dont want it i need it!

  6. still can't accept the "butterfly" feeling of the Ultimate OP design!

    Tooth Fairy Optimus Prime huh? hhahha