Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recently Batman Haul's

My Batman haul's since 1 month ago, got it with a very good bargain.!!

HT Batman Mini Cosbaby (set of 8) Got it from my toy buddy today :
MISB item for only RM 150....dammm cute !!!

HW Batman Stater Set get it from Tesco last two weeks...
lucky to get it for a retail price Rm 44.90 !!

Batmobile Cutie !!! Bought this today @ Amcorp Flea Market, (Rm 50) it's a good combination with my HT Batman Mini Cosbaby

Transforming Batcycle : Only RM 20 from Mattel Warehouse Sale !!!

HW Batpod : Got this from Mattel Warehouse Sale 3 weeks ago, look at the crazy price !!
Only RM 10, last time it's so hard to get this haul !!

Also from Mattel Warehouse Sale..only Rm 15 !!