Tuesday, December 7, 2010

KOTOBUKIYA : T-65 X-Wing Fighter (Cross Section)

Taking the concept of cross section illustrations from "Star Wars: The Incredible Cross Sections" to the realm of three dimensions, Kotobukiya proudly presents the inaugural release in a new series of vehicles from the Star Wars universe, the Rebel T-65 X-Wing.

Emblematic of the Rebel Alliance, the Incom T-65 X-wing Starfighter is a favorite of fighter pilots, due to its versatility and strong combat performance. It quickly became famous as the craft that destroyed the Imperial Death Star at the hands of young Luke Skywalker.

When assembled the X-Wing display measures 12 2/3" long and wide in popular 1/35 military scale and has "cutaway" parts that remove to reveal the inner workings of the ship. The assembled base measures 15.4"square.

Each component set (total of six) have different bonus parts, such as mini figures and the diorama base parts that help you to build the hanger base hidden within the Massassi ruins on Yavin 4. Eight different mini figures are included in the complete set, including two X-Wing pilots, two astromech units, ground crew, mechanics, and more! Accessories such as the mini convoy, cables, and missile loaders are all part of the set. When completed, you can choose to display the s-foils in attack position (open wings in "X" formation).

Sold in one master box with the six component sets this 3D cross section model is fully painted and made of durable abs and pvc plastic materials. Though this snap-fit model kit that is put together (and taken apart) without any glue or modeling skills, well you may need to file some flashing off the parts if you want when you take them from their parts frame.

I started with component box 1 of 6. They are not numbered but they way each box has different components I logically decided to open each one in a certain order as you will see in the visuals.

I quickly learned that once you snap on a part it is very, very difficult to remove it without the possibility of breaking or snapping the part. This Cross Section Model Kit allows you to display the completely assembled X-Wing in flight mode, parked in the Rebel hangar or as this model kit was intended for to have it all opened up so you can see the details inside.

Before you put this thing together I would suggest that you decide on how you want to display this piece. I chose to display mine as if the ship was being built. I took the time to carefully inspect each box set and figure out how I wanted to put it all together. Once I knew how I wanted to display this piece it became easy to assemble it to my liking. The one thing that I do wish was different on this piece is that one of the two included R2-units were a different color. You do not need two R2-D2's. There are endless ways you can choose to display this piece.


  1. Daaaamn!
    Very cool entry & blog layout.
    Very cool toy.
    Very cool set-up.

    Hope Koto will do reissues.

  2. Awesome! Congrats! Now where can I find an old radiator...

  3. This is an amazing model kit you got..

  4. Bro, how is the quality of the plastic? solid? Does the kit looks as one solid item or are there lines on each sections to indicate that the kit is made up of few individual parts/sections? Thanks!

  5. Desmod : tq, it's really awesome.

    Stickers : the plastic quality is very fine (better than Gundam model kit plastic )The kit looks solid even it's combine with separated parts.

  6. Salam Tuan.
    Aku ternganga!
    Pastu telan air liur!
    Pastu tabik spring kat nko!

  7. Hi Cowboy ,

    Great detail & photo for this X Wing space fighter.

    Pretty display.


  8. I've jsut purchased this awesome piece! Can't wait to pick it up from post. Hopefully it arrives fast. Anyways, this is very nice site and I appreciate it alot. COuld you only tell me how much did it cost?

  9. Hi, what is the dimensions of the glass case you have over the setup?