Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Greeting From City Of Lion-O

When to Singapore for a family trip with my gud fren Mr. Yazid and his family on the 7 & 8 Nov 2010. Never had time for toy hunting @ Singapore toy shop b'coz too busy entertained my family. On day 1, we when to Orchard Road, Clark Quay & Marina Harbor. On the 2nd day, we when to Universal Studio Sentosa. The trip is full of enjoyed and glad both family's also had their great time over there. Will be back to Singapore again in the short time purposely for toy hunting.

Great Singapore skyline. The Architecture is so great.

My son Raees (right) & my fren son Akmal

Day 2 : Universal Studio Sentosa.

My family & Mr Yazid Family.
Really gud time for this 2 boy's..

The Waterworld show was so amazing, full of blast & live action pack.
Don't miss it if u guy's were there

Unstoppable radical boy... so tempting with water :)
What's up dude!!


  1. trip bachelor trip!

  2. Toy hunting + bring kids along = massive amount of damage to wallet!!

  3. WHAT?? Ko x survey toys? aku dgr2 s'pore got lots of good stuff there. Next week I'm going there with my wife, so nak tanya, best ke Universal Studios?

  4. Razman : Memang dah niat nk bawa family jalan2.
    Toy trip bulan Dis nanti (bachelor trip).
    Universal Studios terbaeeekkkk... aku yg dh tua ni pun tersangat enbjoy...make sure ko beli tiket secara on-line dulu, nanti naya jer tak dapat masuk & avoid pergi on weekend, ramai org,lambat nk tunggu nk main aper2... Enjoy ur self up there bro !!.

  5. Cowboy....kalau duduk kat Orchard Road, jauh tak kalau nak ke Universal Studios tu? Aku pun plan nak pegi dgn family aku nanti, insyaAllah. Hang duduk kat hotel mana?

  6. Kalau kt Singapore, dont worry about transport, semua sangat efficient & easy access by public transport. Aku tak duduk kt hotel Singapore, aku stay kt JB. Aku cadangkan ko stay kt JB & travel by bus dr JB- Singapore. Sangat mudah & jimat. Ko naik dr to Universal Studio (RM 5 pergi & SD5 balik).

  7. ni kene buat bachelor trip ke s'pore beb..byk toys n t-shirt marvel kt sana..make sure duit bawa lebih..hahaaa

  8. Hi Cowboy,

    It always nice to go for holiday with your kids & spouse.

    I haven't visit to Singapore for many years.Hm.... i think is about time to do some planing.

    "Very nice photo".



  9. Kin : Truly enjoyable vacation.
    A lot of interesting new places to visit @ S'pore, especially the modern architecture monument.