Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jackpot Weekend Haul's

TDK Batmobile by Maize - Scale 1/43 (with LED/suspension/moveble steeling mechanism)

A visit to Amcorp flea market today with my toy buddy Mr Saruman really worth it...Why? 1st i got the Walmart Exclusive Jabba’s Throne from Toy Wizard (credit to Mr Steven- and also thank''s to my blogger buddy : Mr. Rebel - for the info... and 2nd, the best part is i got the info where can i get the limited edition TDK Batmobile by Maize with a nice price tag !! (Tq Mr Zairul)

will be' back !!


  1. Wicked! You got the Maize's Batmobile!!
    Got steering, suspension & lights.

  2. Yup...Mr saruman too..really2 cool ! Like TDK by HT, only in small scale.

  3. Aha...glad you found Jabba's Throne at Toywiz bro! I heard that Isetan has limited quantities too...but no way I'm gonna fight over those with the rest of the scalpers! LOL!

  4. Yup! Got thiz Jabba's Throne @ Toywiz with retail price RM 110.00 only. Thank's again.

  5. love the batmobile... and with a reasonable price as well, and yes it's worth it!

  6. wowww! like a HT.. darn scalpers!!