Saturday, July 3, 2010

Marvelous Bat Weekend

A very nice & marvelous weekend to me b'coz of two things,
- First, my hunt for HW Batpod finally ended, i manage to grab this haul through a local e-bay seller with a reasonable price tag. Thank's to my toy buddy Mr. Yen from Penang for COD this haul for me and brought it to KL (save my $$ for shipping cost)
- Secondly, got a phone call from XL Shop this morning ask me to pick-up the Sci-Fi Revoltech Batman DK. Dont' wait any longer, like a speeding bullet went out to XL Shop BTS.... so it's be a double Bat celebration today !!!

Bat will resume later...


  1. Pergh!Your 1st Revoltech!

  2. uiks?.... ponteng DATUM ker? huhuhuh

  3. aku ingat nak beli set buzz and woody from revoltech tu. cam HT's DX versi 6 inch. COMEL giler.

  4. I saw the batman too but didn't collect Revoltech series..