Friday, June 4, 2010

Hot Toys - T2 : T800 [Better Late Than Never Haul]

Dont' have to introduce or review this haul anymore...a must have haul for the Terminator fan..

"Look like me, but it's not me???"
"..but maybe it's me????"
i'll be backkk!!!
to be continue....


  1. Dammit lah bro....mine tak sampai2 lagi....seller aku pi jual kat org lain, walhal mamat tu dlm 'wait' list...hampeh tul.

  2. nanti sampai la tuh...aku pun actually tak PO pun, sib baik walk-in kt XL and dapat beli, 2 nos, for me & my fren [dapat harga PO plak tuh] lucky..heheh

  3. Well said bro!! It's a must buy for Terminator fans..Perfect likeness of Arnold :P