Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Star Wars : Clone Turbo Tank

This is a first haul since i move to my new home.
This Star Wars vehicle already a year in market, last time the retail price is quite high
(RM 499.90) , make me think twice to grab it. But last weekend one of my friend give me call
& informed me that one of the toys shop make mark down price for this SW vehicle.guess what ?
The price only RM 199.90...wow !!! holy crap almost 70% discount !!! Don't think twice again, just grab it...Worth the price tag, come with 1 trooper figure & speeder bike & also with electronic light shine steadily flash when alarm sounds ! This item also can merge with the Battle PackS item.!

credit to : Mr Adrianta.

My new command centre !!


  1. Nice one bro! Siap ada command centre lagi hehe

  2. Pergh!
    Nice haul & nice setup.
    Hmmm....missing sumthing la.
    AT-TE, perhaps...?

  3. a nice present for new house. hohoho

  4. Razman : Tq
    Rafys : AT-TE coming soon ! tadi aku dah bodek Jeek suruh discount sket, tapi dia jual mahal plak !!!

  5. cool command centre...tittitt..tuuttt... :D

  6. tu diaaaaaaaaaa! memang berbaloi bro. puas hati punya haul, hehe. command center baru pun sangat menarik. congrats! :D

    btw, kalu nak beli AT-TE make sure tanya pasai replacement legs. tak salah aku dulu jeek bagi skali.