Saturday, March 13, 2010

Neca : Terminator II - T800 Final Battle

I'm currently busy packing my stuff & toys to move in a new place early next month, will post more photo after
i'm landed at my new home(hopefully with my new DSLR :))- But, for the first point of view this 12" T800 Final Battle is not bad at all,
come with light-up eye ( don't even know about that when PO this haul). Also wait for Hot Toys to produce this T2 version; This is my 2nd NECA Terminator line after
the 12" T700 Pescadero Escape, but i got all the NECA 7" figure Terminator 2 complete.


  1. Cowboy75, glad to hear you are moving to your new house. So, you can display all your collection out there and take a lot of photos then :)

  2. heheheh...tq will do that.
    I have to budget my $$ for my DSLR...hope very soon !!