Friday, January 29, 2010

1989 : Movie Batmobile - Elite

A visit to Berjaya Times Square today make me damm happy, i found this iconic Batmobile at one of the die-cast shop. It is a limited edition ( 1 of up to 9,989 ) from Mattel & the best part is, it come with the best price tag. I nearly grab this haul at the Amcorp flea market last few week.
credit to Mr Saruman for the great info.
will be continue ...


  1. mattel version's the best.
    cheaper and still looking great

  2. yup, it's very very cool, anything from batman franchise is just unpassable!!especially this original movie version!

  3. Rafys: of course bro, just like in the movie!! (check out my blog!)

  4. cantik bro. just the colour x match dgn movie ver. x sangka lak ko pun minat batmobile mcm aku. hehe

  5. Hi, I got this at TM BTS. Weird as only they got it while GT / xlshop dont. Simple awesome stuff. The best part, opened the engine hook and shown the turbine ..just superb. I think only this version can do this. correct me if i'm wrong as didnt hv the previous version. The batmobile colour - flat black. still nice.

    Pelindung. Lowyat.