Sunday, October 18, 2009

STAR WARS : Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter

As my weekly routine activities, a trip to Amcorp Mall flea market this week meet me with this BIB haul. I like it even though this SW vehicle look similar to Anakin Starfighter that i bought last week but his starfighter it come with a unique starfighter design & fight mode.
TQ to Bro Boyarque & Bro Mental for the great haul's...Can harly wait for my Snowspeeder & AT-AT.

The Jedi Starfighter is a unique, wedge-shaped craft capable of quick maneuvering. It looks like a standard scout vehicle on the outside, but is outfitted with hidden defense weapons in case of attack, as well as flight stabilizers. The Jedi Starfighter's pilot can cruise a;ong on scouting mission with the flight stabilizers closed, then deploy the stabilizers to increase its maneuverability and make full use of the craft's power. While the fighter is well-equipped. Jedi pilots dot rely solely on its technological features - they use the Force to take full advantage of the fighter's capability.


  1. week kita shopping sampai terguling !!

  2. Aku dah lama nak cari Starfighter ni!
    Hari ni tergerak nak gi Amcorp, kalo gi tentu aku rembat dulu. Hihihi.
    Memang bukan rezeki aku.

  3. Love this ship. Never realized it opened up like that.
    Cool BLOG!

  4. It looks better out of the box! I think this one looks way cooler than the Clone-Wars version!!

  5. yup..u damm right, it better than Clone-wars version.

  6. Clone wars nampak kecik/katik.
    This is way awesomer.

    Thats why I prefer this version.
    For the sake of collecting, should also get the Clone Wars version.

  7. yup, very nice.. have 1 of that as well! (super cool)