Sunday, September 13, 2009

John Cornor (Final Battle Version)..Superb !!

HT dah makin mengganas buat business..what to says, that their marketing strategy...
Hope this JC will release around April next year..may the force be with me...


  1. i think this JC will be release by end of this year. (According to HT's official Facebook ar)
    but most likely will reach Malaysia early January.
    still want to PO him?
    K O P A K!!!

  2. Wow,,bulan January!!
    Btman DX & Iron Man BD pun early January gak!!
    Dgn berat hati, ular robot punya pasal terpaksalah P.O..hehehehe

    KOPEK !!

  3. oooo..In that case,Sentinel will do!!

  4. Macam2 HT ni...giler ahh....

    Nice headsculpt tho! I've always preferred a battle-hardened look anytime! I'm not sure i want this, having skipped all Salvation figures frm HT....but it is tempting to add to my military 12".... :p

  5. This JC is worth it to have it..
    For sure to PO this item or regret later..
    It suit with ur 12" military..go bro!!